From injectables to general production. Midwest Pathogen helps ensure safety and consistency in any pharmaceutical production area.  One of our main goals is to reduce product contamination. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are always threatened by environmental microorganisms. Because decontamination is required under USP and ISO guidelines, pharmaceutical companies must verify their compliance with the sterilization protocol. Our CURIS® decontamination system reaches all corners, cracks, and crevices which can decontaminate a space entirely no matter the size. We minimize risk while helping you maximize success.

Sustaining environmental control and reducing microbiological contamination in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility requires following a strict standard operating procedure (SOP) for quality assurance. Specifically, the decontamination SOP must meet a facility’s need and adhere to both internal, industry and federal guidelines. We provide guidance with every pharmaceutical or bio-tech client to provide guidance with highly effective decontamination protocols, as well as consulting throughout the entire equipment qualification & validation process, if necessary.

The cost to get a new drug to market can be millions if not billions of dollars. As a result, a contamination issue is devastating and expensive to the entire process. Sources for pollution are abundant in drug manufacturing and include human error, air contaminates, equipment, and raw materials. Moisture from water intrusion and/or decontaminating processes can commonly lead to mold issues.  This makes it imperative that such drug manufacturing offers a state-of-the-art decontamination system and protocols.  We decontaminate ante-areas, cleanrooms, and materials transfer areas, our technology is versatile and effective.