Contamination can have disastrous effects throughout an organization from patient safety, research, and production. We offer contamination remediation for controlled environments that can address your specific needs, minimize downtime, ensure bioburden reduction levels are met to get your operation back up and running.  Midwest Pathogen Services can help manage and facilitate projects ranging from small pieces of equipment such as biological safety cabinets, incubators, isolators, and to small research and BSL-3 labs all the way to entire facilities.

Our solutions include:

  • Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) utilizing CURIS® System
  • Animal Vivarium’s
  • BSL-3 Laboratories
  • New Research Area Set-up / Change in Research / Full Facility Decommissioning
  • BIs are utilized to validate decontamination
  • Decontamination Reports