Biotechnology, medical devices, compounding pharmacies, and military are all industries that have a high risk of contamination. Let the experts at Midwest Pathogen Services do what they do best, so you can focus on your important work. Cleanrooms and controlled environments have unique environments that are required in making a wide variety of sensitive products, from lifesaving pharmaceuticals to electronics and thousands of other products. Each of these environments has its own specific set of cleaning requirements to comply with industry standards.

Our technicians understand the need for a clean manufacturing environment. The delicate nature of these facilities emphasizes the need for cleaning and maintenance. Whether you are working in tissue biologics lab to a compounding pharmacy or medical device assembly, we help you keep your facility clean, disinfected, and provide for an aseptic environment.

Our comprehensive decontamination services for critical environments, from micro-cleaning and critical environment sterilization to contamination control and microbial environmental testing.  We can handle regular and periodic cleanings — weekly, monthly, or quarterly terminal services options available.  Our services utilize a Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) system, it’s suitable for both controlled and non-controlled areas.