Keeping your grow room clean and disinfected will maximize yield and profits.

Medical Cannabis has recently been legalized in Oklahoma and many other states across the country. It’s quickly becoming an industry requiring strict sanitation protocols.

Whether you own a small or large-scale operation, you want a superior product and consistent harvests

Cleaning and disinfecting your grow room plays a critical role in providing a quality product.

We provide mobilized decontamination and disinfection services for cannabis facilities across the region.

Weekly Grow Room Cleaning

Clean Equipment and Trays

Taking care of equipment weekly is an important part of keeping your grow room clean. Disinfect equipment utilizing our patented pulsed technology or soak tools in our proprietary hydrogen peroxide solution.  We also provide eco-friendly products and solutions to wipe down equipment trays and equipment.  Ask about our products and solutions specifically designed for the cannabis facility!

Sanitizing Vs. Sterilizing Your Grow Room

It’s important to understand the difference between sanitizing and sterilizing your grow room. When you clean surfaces, equipment and tools, personnel can appropriately sanitize the room using the right products. You can remove most pathogens by sweeping, dusting and wiping things down.

Sterilizing the grow room eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold spores, powdery mildew and many other microorganisms. We provide a proprietary process to help save time and labor and provide validation reports for your next successful grow.

Why Outsource?

Depending on the size of your operations, many operations are considering outsourcing grow room cleaning and disinfecting services. Even small grow rooms require big cleaning projects from time to time. A specialized contractor such as Midwest Pathogen Services can help with these projects and provide recommendations and ongoing programs.

Routine or Scheduled Grow Room Services

Midwest Pathogen Services ensures equipment including grow lights are clean and disinfected.  We validate using our patent pulsed technology, biological indicators for confirmation of sporicidal disinfection, and a final report complete with procedures, test results, and recommendations.

Environmental Monitoring for Cannabis Facilities

If you are finding that your cannabis is failing microbiology testing, you’re not alone. Most labs will tell you that microbiology failures are common in cannabis testing; so, even if you’re not experiencing this issue right now, there’s a good chance you might in the future.

Your best solution is to implement an Environmental Monitoring Program. Environmental Monitoring of a cannabis facility is the control, recorded observations and adjustments of the physical space; or to put it more simply, it’s exactly its namesake – the monitoring of your cannabis’ environment including the air, water, surfaces, and equipment.

Environmental Monitoring, or EM, is standard procedure in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, agriculture, so why isn’t it for the cannabis industry?

The best way to approach an EM program isn’t as extra, unnecessary testing, but as an insurance policy. With an EM program you are setting up your crop for success by monitoring and fixing early problems that would affect your outcome. When you monitor the environment before the plants are introduced, you will know if your product will be growing in a clean, sanitized environment. The continual watchful eye on the environment will ensure that your bacteria counts don’t fail at the finish line of testing.

So, what does this new insurance plan look like and what’s the cost?

We begin by testing your water sources; this can be done by any environmental lab. We are testing for bacteria counts. We are focused on customer service and will discuss your data with you; the good, bad and ugly and all implications.

Testing the Air

We test the air. Air that surrounds us is full of microorganisms and to capture what’s in the air you can perform active or passive air testing.

Testing the Surfaces

Our environmental monitoring usually requires a map of your facility and the square footage of each room to calculate the number of plates required. Surface/contact plates or swabs are used against surfaces that may be at risk of contamination due to high traffic, or near HVAC inlets. These plates are sent to the lab for incubation which will promote microbial growth. Final reports are prepared and sent to you as the client.


Each time we receive results, we enter the data into a system and create a trending graph. This will allow for evidence-based decision making for example do you have an HVAC problem, do you need to improve the sanitation procedures, replace the sanitation products, are your staff following hygiene procedures (all unkempt hair, including facial hair, is full of bacteria) and is the temperature of your room too high or humid?

While our program does require an initial investment, the cost of environmental monitoring will decrease as hotspots and processes are fixed. The quality of your final product will improve, and you can look forward to increased revenue and lowered remediation costs.

What we offer:

  • Deep cleaning for all surfaces including floors and walls and hard to reach areas utilizing our proprietary patented pulsed hydrogen peroxide fogging system.
  • Air duct cleaning and disinfecting
  • Mold identification, removal and remediation
  • Eco-friendly green cleaning options

Regardless of the size of your grow room, Midwest Pathogen Services is here to help with any size project!