No matter how comprehensive a physical cleaning and disinfection regime is, it is extremely difficult to completely eliminate microbial cross-contamination from surfaces and the air which could cause high touch surface safety issues as air quality concerns.

As an additional treatment to traditional physical cleaning methods, a facility can use is Hydrogen Peroxide micron fogging to provide whole room decontamination, including those difficult to reach areas like ceilings, high walls, and drawers. Fogging also minimizes the need to use ladders and access equipment to disinfect elevated furniture and equipment.

Our micron fogging methods can be administered through our revolutionary CURIS bio-decontamination system and can achieve high levels of airborne and surface decontamination (at a 6 log reductions). Our micron fogging methods are effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores depending on the disinfectant used.

Our unique professional services while utilizing the Curis bio-decontamination system produces a fine mist. Our system provides maximum impact at concentrations levels to provide a consistent micron fog. This creates a solution to remain in the air and on contact for all surfaces for appropriate dwell times and to give effective disinfection. Hydrogen Peroxide micron fogging is eco-friendly, safe to use with electronic equipment, does not degrade plastic equipment like other systems and is recognized as a 6-log disinfectant. Fogging is very effective, swift and relatively inexpensive. An average hospital patient room takes about an hour to set up, perform a pre-ATP swab meter test, wipe down high touch areas, laser measure the room to use the correct amount of Hydrogen Peroxide, ensure proper dwell time and end with a second ATP meter read to validate the high disinfection effectiveness. We validate and confirm your space has true disinfection of area and surfaces!