What parts of the Ambulance have higher ATP counts? After doing random ATP meter tests on EMS ambulances in our local area. Midwest Pathogen Services found over the year that the radio mic, CAD keyboard, steering wheel, and corners in the patient care area have higher counts.
In the past, some EMS services have been using disinfection devices that are not EPA register or tested. These devices and solutions could hardly kill the flu germs and more importantly, have no C diff kill claim. Read this recent article found in global news.

Sick people pass through them all the time, so how clean are our ambulances?

Midwest Pathogen Services uses EPA approved, eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide micro fogging to disinfect EMS vehicles and other equipment. This ensures, even the hardest to reach nook and crannies are germ-free. No cross-contamination, and assurance that no areas are missed. We give first responders, the piece of mind, that they have disinfected their entire rig and equipment with the same equipment as a hospital uses to provide whole room disinfection.